I’m not at GenCon or play testing D&D next, but…

I know that a lot of the people who read this blog will be doing those things, and if at GenCon won’t really have the time to digest anything huge at the moment blog-wise. The people who aren’t there at the moment though, who may not be too fussed about D&D next themselves (I know I’m not the only one; I tried to get a play test group together out of my local gaming society, and had only two volunteers out of a possible 25 players) might be in the mood for something that has nothing to do with either. Presented for you then is inspiration. Inspiration in the form of an article I came across on the BBC news site a couple of days ago that had my mind going into overdrive, thinking about what I could do with this information. So I present for you here, China’s ghost towns and phantom malls.

I hope that like me, it gives you some inspiration, and if it does, feel free to sound off below and share them with anyone else not lucky enough to be at GenCon.


5 thoughts on “I’m not at GenCon or play testing D&D next, but…

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not feeling that interested in D&D Next. I’ve got Savage Worlds and Pathfinder, both of which I’m happy with for different things. Nothing about D&D Next strikes my fancy yet.

    As to the empty houses… hm. If I was running a Dark Matter game, which is sort of modern conspiracy-horror, I’d imagine that they’re literally building them for ghosts – there’s something wrong with the dead, and they’re not going to the afterlife. They’re just hanging around, and if they don’t get moved somewhere else, they will cause problems with all the living residents.

    Optionally, they could be building them in preparation for an influx of citizens from… elsewhere. Perhaps all the architecture doesn’t quite fit the human frame, and some of the shops seem to have no human purpose. Strange technology that doesn’t quite make sense is hidden here and there, placed in preparation for… something.

  2. To be honest I wasn’t until interested in D&DNext until I sat up watching the live stream of the keynote address…. and afterwards I still wasn’t interested in D&DNext, but did download the playtest packet to see if there were any little rules, tweaks etc I could filch for my own game.

    • I picked it up, and I think that playing it once could be a lugh, but I remember a bunch of guys at HUGS picking 4th ed. up, and then doing nothing with it. Ebaying my copy of the player’s handbook as we speak, along with a bunch of other stuff I’ve done bugger all with.

      • I certainly won’t be playing D&DNext with my group – we don’t have room in our monthly schedule for “playtesting”, but while Wizards are giving stuff away for free I’ll take what’s on offer 😉

      • What I mean is I’ll look at the material with a critical eye, see what I like and think will work in my game and junk the rest. That’s pretty much what I’ve done with every version of D&D since Second.

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